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(as of May 2019)


Associate Professor
School of Economics, Finance & Banking
Universiti Utara Malaysia
06010 Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia
Tel (Office): +60 4 9286834
Tel (Mobile): +60 19 4144666

Areas of Interest
Migration/Labour Economics, Impact/Program Evaluation, Applied Microeconometrics

Highest Academic Qualification

2010      Ph.D. (Economics)
Awarded in December 2010 by the University of Otago, New Zealand
Thesis titled “Brain drain from students' non-return: An economic analysis of international students
(Recipient of the University of Otago Postgraduate Scholarship of NZD20,000 @ RM64,000 per annum for the whole 3-year duration; completed within 3 years, no time extension required; Thesis External Examiners: University of Waikato’s Prof. Jacques Poot & University of Sydney’s Prof. John Matthew Rose)
2005      Masters of Science (Decision Science), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
2001      Masters of Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
1999      Bachelor of Economics, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

Academic Position

  • Nov 2016 – present: Associate Professor, School of Economics, Finance & Banking, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)
  • Oct 2010 – Oct 2016: Senior Lecturer, School of Economics, Finance & Banking, UUM
  • Jan – Dec 2014: Postdoctoral Researcher, (Postdoc Supervisors: Prof. Hessel Oosterbeek & Prof. Erik Plug), Amsterdam School of Economics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands        
  • March 1st – 31st, 2014: Visiting Researcher, Leibniz Institute for the Social Science (GESIS), Cologne, Germany (received a €2,200 GESIS research grant)
  • March 2001 – Sept 2010:  Lecturer, Economics Department, College of Arts & Science, UUM

Selected Publication
1)    Soon, J.J., Lee, A.S.H., Lim, H.E., Idris, I. & Eng, W.Y.K. (2019). Cubicles or corner offices? Effects of academic performance on employment likelihood and salary. Studies in Higher Education, SSCI-Q1, DOI:  10.1080/03075079.2019.1590689. Publisher: Taylor & Francis.
2)     Bakar, L.J.A. & Soon, J. J. (accepted & forthcoming). Aura Bengkang Enterprise: How a tapioca cake business taps its creativity to stay competitive. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases (Scopus). Publisher: SAGE.
3)     Soon, J. J. (2018). “Book Review - The Labor of Care: Filipina Migrants and Transnational Families in the Digital Age”, Journal of Contemporary Asia (SSCI-Q1), DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2018.1499951. Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group.
4)    Soon, J. J. (2018) Starlight Optical: A new equilibrium?. In J.J. Soon (Ed.) Case Studies in Management and Business (Vol. 4). Publisher: UUM Press.
5)  Soon, J.J., Kamaruddin, R. & Anuar, A.R. (2018). Flood victims’ evacuation decisions: A semi-nonparametric estimation. International Journal of Emergency Services (Scopus), 7(2): 134-146. Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing.
6)  Soon, J. J. (2018). “Effects of EU expansion on migrants’ employment and income: A natural experiment”, Prague Economic Papers (SSCI-Q3), 27(1): 113-128. Publisher: University of Economics, Prague.
7)   Soon, J. J. (2017). “Flags and anthems: Naturalisation effects on income and employment”, International Journal of Social Economics (Scopus, ESCI), 44(4): 1-15, Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing.
8)     Soon, J. J. (2016). “Be your own boss, anyone? Earnings, employment chances and job choice of fresh university graduates”, International Journal of Business and Society (Scopus, ESCI), 17(3): 511-520. Publisher: UNIMAS.
9)     Soon, J. J. (2016). “Step up the heat: A regression discontinuity analysis of the impact of home heating subsidy on energy consumption”, International Journal of Business and Society (Scopus, ESCI), 17(1): 81-98. Publisher: UNIMAS.
10)  Noorkatina Mohamad, Lim, H. E., Norhafezah Yusof, Soon, J. J. (2015). “Estimating the effect of entrepreneur education on graduates’ intention to be entrepreneurs”, Education and Training (Scopus, ESCI), 57(8/9): 874-890. Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing.
11)  Soon, J. J. (2015). “Willingly or grudgingly? A meta-analysis on the willingness-to-pay for renewable energy use”, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (SCI-Q1), 44: 877-887, Publisher: Elsevier.
12)  Soon, J. J. (2014). “Educated in New Zealand and staying on? A parameter simulation analysis”, Migration Letters (Scopus), 11(2): 229-244. Publisher: Transnational Press, London.
13)  Soon, J. J. (2014). “Review of student nonreturn determinants: Theoretical-empirical consistency?”, International Journal of Economics and Business Research (IJEBR) (Scopus), 8(1): 63-81, Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
14)  Soon, J. J. (2014). “Greener pastures abroad?: ‘From study to stay’ intention of the foreign-trained”, Journal of Economics and Development Studies, 2(2): 247-261. Publisher: The American Research Institute for Policy Development, New York, U.S.
15)  Soon, J. J. (2012). “Home is where the heart is?: Factors determining international students’ destination country upon completion of abroad studies”, The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS) (SSCI-Q2), 38(1): 147 – 162. Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group.
16)  Soon, J. J. (2010). “A change of heart?: A bivariate probit model of international students’ change of return intention”, International Journal of Business and Economics (IJBE), 9(2), 115-129, Publisher: Feng Chia University, Taiwan.
17)  Soon, J. J. (2010). “The determinants of students’ return intentions: A partial proportional odds model”, The Journal of Choice Modelling (SSCI-Q2), 3(2), 89-112, Publisher: Elsevier.
18)  Soon, J. J. (2010). When do students intend to return? Determinants of students’ return intentions using a multinomial logit model. International Journal of Business and Society (IJBS) (Scopus, ESCI), 11(1), 17-32, Publisher: UNIMAS.
19)  Soon, J. J. (2010). “Go East, young man!... and stay East?”, EcoNZ@Otago Magazine, Issue 25, 1-4. Publisher: Department of Economics, University of Otago, New Zealand.
20)  Soon, J. J. (2009). A bivariate probit model of international students’ return intention. The Empirical Economics Letters, 8(10), ISSN 1681 8997.
21)  Soon, J. J., Hassan, A. A. G. & Lim, H. E. (2009). The effectiveness of location incentive: An analytical study of manufacturing SMEs in the Kedah state. International Journal of Management Studies (IJMS), 16(2), 123-153. 
22)  Lim, H.E. & Soon, J. J. (2006). Job selection criteria and job sector preference of economics students: an analysis of ordered logit model. International Journal of Business and Society (IJBS) (Scopus, ESCI), 7(1), p.53-69, Publisher: UNIMAS.
23)  Zakariah A.R. & Soon, J.J. (2002). Linkages and Imports of Malaysia: An Input-Output Approach.  ANALISIS Jurnal (now known as International Journal of Management Studies, (IJMS), Vol. 9, No. 1 & 2, pp. 135 –155.

Working Manuscripts
1)   Soon, J.J. & Lim, H.E. "Public-Private University Worth Parity Index: An Analysis of Malaysian University Graduates".
2)     Lim, H.E. & Soon, J. J. & Duan, H. "Does entrepreneurial career choice lessen graduate unemployment problem? The case of Malaysian graduates". (Submitted to and pending review in Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy; SSCI-Q4, Publisher: Taylor & Francis).  

3)  Soon, J. J., Applanaidu, S.D. & Aziz, A.A. "A quantile estimation on food expenditure patterns of the Malaysian lower and higher-income households". (Singapore Economic Review 2019 conference paper)

Research Grants 

Principal Investigator (PI/Leader)
2018      Attitune Music: The econometrics of jazz; university teaching-case grant, USD1,500 @ RM6,000, research team leader, ongoing.
2016      Developing The Public-Private University Worth Index (PPUWI): A Fundamental Analysis Of The Costs And Returns To Higher Education; FRGS national grant, USD16,500 @ RM66,200; research team leader; completed.
2015      Starlight Optical: In search of a new equilibrium?; university teaching-case grant, USD2,500 @ RM10,000, research team leader, since October 2015, completed.
2014      Skilled migration: A regression discontinuity design approach; international research grant from Leibniz Institute for the Social Science (GESIS), Cologne, Germany. GESIS Grant No. El-2014-126, €2,200 @ RM11,000; sole researcher, completed.
2012      The determinants of student nonreturn: A meta-analysis on a subtler form of brain drain (university grant; USD1,500 @ RM6,000; research team leader, completed)
2005      The effectiveness of location incentive: An analytical study of Kedah state (university grant; USD2,500 @ RM10,000; research team leader, completed)
2002      Technical inefficiency of selected capital intensive and non-capital intensive manufacturing industries in Malaysia (funded by faculty grant; USD750 @ RM3,000; research team leader, completed)

Co-Investigator (Member)
2019      Consolidation and harmonization of the Malaysian higher education acts and governance system; Ministry of Education top-down grant, USD73,000 @ RM300,000; research team member; since February 2019, ongoing.
2018      Food expenditure of the B40 households: Developing a decision-support system for food price determination in Malaysia; FRGS national grant, USD20,000 @ RM80,000; research team member; since December 2018, ongoing.
2017      Socio-demographic and lifestyle factors as determinants of mental health condition among adults in Malaysia (UUM University Research Generation grant; USD1,250 @ RM5,000; research team member, since September 2017, ongoing.
2016      Development of university good governance index for the APEX, research, comprehensive, focus and technical universities; institutional grant from the Higher Education Leadership Academy, AKEPT), USD37,500 @ RM150,000 research grant; research team member, since January 2016, completed.
2015      Disaster safety net: Evaluating the MKN 20 Directive; national grant from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education; USD17,500 @ RM70,000 research grant; research team member; since April 2015, completed.
2014      Agropreneurial triggering model: Inferring predisposed factors for potential agro-based entrepreneurs in Malaysia; national grant from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education; USD12,500 @ RM50,000 research grant; research team member; completed.
2012      Estimating a brain waste index: A case of Malaysian pure science graduates (university grant; USD2,500 @ RM10,000; research team member, completed)
2003      Factors that influence housing choice: A multinomial logit analysis of two townships in Kedah state (funded by faculty grant; USD750 @ RM3,000; research team member, completed)

2002      Service quality and economic worth of customers in referral processes: A cluster analysis approach (funded by university grant; USD2,500 @ RM10,000; research team member, completed)

Postgraduate Teaching - Labour Economics, Advanced Econometrics, Research Methodology

Undergraduate Teaching - Labour Economics, Applied Economics, Econometrics, Statistics for Economics, Research Methods, Mathematical Economics, Operations Research, Economics of Planning, Development Economics, Economics of Demography, History of Economic Thought

Postgraduate Supervision

  • Suleiman Gambiyo Purokayo, “Implications of transport infrastructure on the Nigerian economy”, Principal Supervisor, PhD supervision, completed & graduated.
  • Noorkatina Mohamad, “An economic analysis on graduate entrepreneurship: Education, communication skills and happiness”, Co-supervisor, PhD supervision, completed & graduated.
  • Luka Bastiaans (5876095), “Does foreign aid foster corruption? With a special focus on the differences between bilateral and multilateral aid”, Principal/Sole Supervisor, Masters’ thesis supervision at Amsterdam School of Economics, completed & graduated.
  • Jayanthi R. Alaganthiran (815124), “Labour migration and the effects on Malaysian economic growth”, Principal/Sole Supervisor, Masters’ thesis supervision, completed & graduated.
  • Low Choon Wei (821832), “The intention of undergraduates to further studies”, Principal/Sole Supervisor, Masters of Economics thesis supervision, completed & graduated.
  • Haruna Sani Birnin Kebbi, “A Critical Assesment Of Poverty Alleviation Programmes In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Sokoto Zone (Sokoto , Kebbi And Zamfara States”, Principal Supervisor, PhD supervision, ongoing.
  • Mohammad Adamu, “Efficiency of labour: A study of academic staff of Nigerian universities”, Principal Supervisor, PhD supervision, ongoing.

Professional Affiliations
  • Malaysian Management Journal (MMJ), UUM, Editorial Board Member & Section Editor
  • American Economic Association (AEA), Member
  • Malaysian Economic Association, Lifetime Member
  • Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Development Institute, UUM, Research Fellow

Reviewer for Journals
International journals:
  • Applied Economics (Taylor & Francis, SSCI-Q3)
  • Applied Geography (Elsevier, SSCI-Q1)
  • British Journal of Sociology (Wiley, SSCI-Q2)
  • Building and Environment (Elsevier, SCI-Q1)
  • China Economic Review (Elsevier, SSCI-Q2)
  • Geoforum (Elsevier, Scopus)
  • International Journal of Social Economics (Emerald, ESCI/Scopus)
  • Journal of Contemporary Asia (Taylor & Francis, SSCI-Q1)
  • Population, Space and Place (Wiley & Sons, SSCI-Q2)
  • Singapore Economic Review (World Scientific Publishing, SSCI-Q4)
Malaysian journals:
  • Malaysian Journal of Learning and Instruction (UUM, ESCI/Scopus)
  • International Journal of Business and Society (UNIMAS, ESCI/Scopus)
  • Institutions and Economies (UM, Scopus)
  • Jurnal Ekonomi Malaysia (UKM, Scopus)
  • International Journal of Economics & Management (UPM, Scopus)

Awards & Recognition

  • 3rd Prize Winner, 2017 IMBRe National Case Writing Competition, “Aura Bengkang Enterprise: Of Entrepreneurship and Economics” by Bakar, L.J.A. & Soon, J. J.
  • Special Jury Award (for Best Presentation), 2017 International Case Study Conference, “Starlight Optical: Embracing all that glitters?” by Soon, J. J.  
  • Best Paper Award, 2016 International Management and Accounting Conference, “To evacuate or not: An empirical analysis on the effectiveness of the Malaysian NSC’s Directive 20 in flood disaster management” by Soon, J. J., Kamaruddin, R. & Anuar, A.R.
  • Best Paper Award, 2015 International Conference on Rural Development and Entrepreneurship, “Be your own boss, anyone? Earnings, employment chances & job choice of fresh university graduates” by Soon, J. J.
  • 2015 Excellent Service Award, UUM
  • 2011 Excellent Service Award, UUM
  • Eligible Candidate, Distinguished Teaching Award (2012/13 Academic Session)
  • Outstanding Teaching Performance (2004/5 Academic Session)